We are still investigating to improve singing.

I have been looking into some different courses that supposedly help for the improvement of singing.  I have gathered some people that struggle with vocal strain, nasal singing, and short of breath etc…


I have put them through different courses books, video, and skype sessions with personal coaches. Until now there has only been some products that in some ways have been helping these people progress.


Let me tell you what type of teaching course that i’m looking for. Not only am I looking for something that will give me result of improvement, but also be able to sing on key. A product that will show also how to interpret different styles of music.  I want a course that will make someone an excellent vocalist in all forms and styles. Being honest there are several products that cause more strain on the vocal cords. I’m really not impressed with some of these products. They are making some of my people worse than what they were to begin with. Other products are really hard to understand the theory behind the  course.  I will still do what I have promised so far, look for the improvement for singing.

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